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About MustardSeed

Bill Rinderknecht has been a certified Challenge Course Facilitator for adventure based activities, low, and high elements since 1996. He was awarded the "Practitioner of the Year - 2006" by TERA, Inc. He is a past member of ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology), AEE (Association of Experiential Education), and TERA, Inc. (Texas Experiential Resources Association). Bill served for many years as the editor of the TERAsource, the newsletter of TERA, Inc., and on the TERA Conference Planning Committee. In 2011, he was joined by his wife, Nancy, who is certified for adventure based activities and low elements. Bill was also awarded "Teacher of the Year" for 2012-2013 at his campus. Bill and Nancy are committed to quality programming.

For over 40 years I have used the concept of a mustard seed as the basis for anything I have done, whether it was coaching gymnastics, giving swimming lessons, counseling, speaking, leading retreats and camps, teaching classes, or working with school, church, community or corporate groups on the Challenge Course. Experiential education has always been at the forefront of whatever I do. I learned early on that the more of our senses we involve in learning, the more we retain. That is why adventure based activities and ROPES/Challenge Course experiences can be so valuable. They help us transform knowledge and experience into our lives, thereby shaping them in positive growth. Like the mustard seed, small things can create large changes in life. We can become more than we could ever imagine.

We solicit your ideas to help make MustardSeed Challenge be all it can be as well.

Bill and Nancy Rinderknecht

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