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"All the activities were very well organized. It was a learning experience.

It will benefit us as teachers as well as our children (students)."

- Ketelson Elementary (Houston ISD)Teacher

"They were all very positive people who "rubbed off" on all of us -- skilled professionals."

- Ketelson Elementary (Houston ISD) Teacher

"“My most significant learning from the workshop was how to use successful processing and assessment questions."”

- Workshop Participant

“"(The leaders) took the time to make sure everyone was comfortable and progressing through each activity."

- –Program Participant

"“I learned to ‘trust the process’ and (that) less is better, which can be tough for teachers!"”

–- Workshop Participant

"The trainers were excellent! Very centered, appropriate and patient with our group – extremely knowledgeable.”"

- Program Participant

"The shift in (the students) attitudes regarding leadership and their approach to solving problems was apparent:

KIPP Leadership Summit KIPP Leadership Summit

Pre-Institute Thoughts:                                                           Post Institute Thoughts:

- leaders get to be in charge                                                  leaders serve others

- everyone has to listen to the leader                                    leaders listen to everyone

- leaders get to tell people what to do                                   leaders are thinkers

- leaders are strong                                                                leaders share power and have to follow those they lead sometimes

- leaders don't make big mistakes                                         leaders learn from their mistakes, they have humility

- solving problems is easy if everyone does what you say   leaders help others to do what they do better, they facilitate

Thank you for the shield that you provided, the breastplate, the ammunition,

and the spirit of hope with which you contributed to this event.

Our students are better for it."

- Leader from KIPP Student Leadership Summit

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